Security and Vulnerability Assessment Services

Evaluating current security controls and processes is a critical component of cybersecurity risk management. DCI offers a variety of security assessment services to enable organizations to effectively and proactively manage risk and establish leading security practices.


DCI’S structured threat modeling and risk assessments utilize industry standard frameworks to enable organizations to develop practical controls and effective countermeasures within appropriate budgets.

For holistic cybersecurity program controls evaluation, or for targeted review of specific control areas, DCI provides comprehensive controls assessments based on industry standard frameworks such as NIST Cybersecurity Framework and Critical Security Controls.

DCI delivers in-depth technical vulnerability assessments, as well as penetration testing services designed to simulate real-world attack scenarios and demonstrate the impact of security weaknesses in human, procedural, and technical defenses.

New network, system, application and database vulnerabilities emerge on a daily basis. Security incidents can result in significant financial loss and cause considerable company brand damage through negative publicity.

DCI’s expert Security consultants provide a comprehensive review of your organization’s security posture to help you not only identify, understand and remediate vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, but also to understand the related business risks and the potential impact to the organization in regards to compliance, reputation, financial loss, legal requirements, competition, and customer loss. The results of these assessments provide vital information to establish leading security practices and proactively manage risk.

Periodic vulnerability assessments, often performed on a quarterly basis and after major changes to the IT environment, are considered to be a leading IT security practice. DCI’s approach is to discover vulnerabilities and security weakness that not only highlight specific issues across platforms but also identify the effectiveness of organization’s vulnerability and patch management programs and information security practices.

DCI’s Vulnerability Assessment Service includes:

         Automated vulnerability identification using commercial scanning products

         Manual technical testing to validate all automated results and to identify vulnerabilities and security weaknesses that cannot be identified with automated tools

         Determination and documentation of practical recommendations for remediation and remediation effort level for each finding.

Custom reporting to aggregate and summarize identified vulnerability data, resulting in reports that are easier to consume and understand.